Sonia Barrett Ph.D. is the executive producer of the award winning documentary The Business of Disease.

Dr. Sonia Barrett, is known for her cutting edge insights with much of it supported by quantum physics. Theoretical Physicist Dr. Amit Goswami refers to her as a true mystic. Her work bridges the gap between science and spirituality in a simplified format. She addresses the programming, beliefs, and concepts by which we have lived our lives both individually and collectively.


Sonia Barrett PhD, MSc, Applied Neuroscientist, is a brain scientist who applies tools in support of the health of the brain and cognitive optimization. She teaches brain hacks, tools that allow people to be most effective and happier both professionally and personally! Her workshops, talks and one-on-one sessions provide a customized approach based on the needs of any organization or personal needs.

As an Applied Neuroscientist her approach is supported by brain plasticity, in other words the brains natural malleable nature in adapting to reinforced change.  She implements practical tools and information allowing the individual or group to operate at a higher capacity and to be effective in both work and personal life. These are all keys to increased productivity and creativity. 

Dr. Sonia Barrett is the author of The Holographic Canvas: The Fusing of Mind and Matter and her second book, A Journey of Possibilities. and Health: An Inside Job an Outside Business, a supplement to the film-  and her latest book and 7 Day Program, Simple ways to step outside of your comfort zone; Letting go of an outdated life. 


Sonia Barrett Ph.D. has an extensive background in event planning in the Hollywood arena

Sonia Barrett  Ph.D. have previously had an extensive background in event planning in the Hollywood arena. She has worked on such projects as: ICM’s coveted Oscar party, Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes post wedding celebration in Beverly Hills, Joel Silver (Producer of the Matrix trilogy) numerous events, Michael Jordan Golf Tournament (yearly Bahamas event), Walt Disney employee events, Paramount Pictures charity events, Victoria Secret to name a few including a number of corporate events.

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Sonia Barrett  Ph.D., is known for stirring deep thought and perspectives about the nature of reality and for sharing ways in which we can more effectively move about our lives. Regardless of one’s religious or spiritual perspectives, she makes clear the common feelings, dilemmas, laughter, wants, desires, longing and joy, and pain experienced by every individual regardless of race, creed, color, economic or professional status. Instead, her words dive into the core of you are and personalize the message.

As an author, speaker, writer, and film maker her vast body of work has been shared with a wide range of audiences. From students to professors, from the board room to the office, from families to individuals….what Sonia knows for certain is that they are all people making their way through life.


The Business of Disease Documentary