Healing fragile working environments; Corporate Wellness

“In today’s climate of fragile working environments, these Unplug Retreats are becoming increasingly necessary to better ensure Corporate Wellness and balance” Sonia Barrett

Sonia has always been passionate about the corporate world; the work world. Through her own experiences of being part of the corporate work environment, she is well aware of the importance of shaping the ideal emotional atmosphere for employees to thrive and to feel valued.

Sonia concludes that “It is imperative that old corporate models are abandoned and companies expand away from oppressive structures and ideas. People thrive best in environments reflective of value and worth. It is human nature to desire feelings of worth. In many cases, employees are so policed on the job that productivity is lessened and trust becomes lost on either side. How may we change this behavior and perspective for both employer and employee (management and staff) so that each may step away at the end of the day feeling satisfied? Is this possible? Yes, it is! 

Sonia presents simple and effective concepts and ideas which remind us all of this interlinked yet fragile relationship where neither party is greater than the other but instead working together to achieve a common goal despite the separate and personal needs of the individuals.

The Value Of Nature

The value of nature as a balancer is introduced and encouraged. Sonia is an avid hiker and understands the necessity of engaging more frequently with nature for both mental and physical health. In addition, Sonia educates on the importance of nature in neutralizing the effects of being bombarded by computers and electronic devices in our work and personal environment on a daily basis. She explains a bit of the science of this kind of stored stress on the body and mind from both technology and work related overwhelm.

  • Ways in which we create unnecessary stress
  • What are the ideal conditions for optimal brain function in the work place
  • The freedom to communicate
  • How to view our jobs differently
  • It's ok to pursue your own dreams while employed
  • You are in charge of your fate
  • Understanding the partnership between employee and employer
  • The importance of taking breaks
  • Reducing static build up in the body in achieving a deeper state of sleep
  • And so much more…


(The film has since been released on many distribution platforms in February 2017)